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Krasno is a young and dynamic company strongly motivated by the principles of environmental respect, energy saving and the use of the energy freely offered by the Sun to eveybody.                It produces and designs modular solar panels

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Flat solar collectors

Flat solar collectors SOLR

SOLR Flat solar collector consists of solid absorber coated with high quality selective coating TiNOX.

Absorber welded to the heat exchanger using the latest technology of welding to improve the transfer of heat from the absorber to the liquid coolant in the copper tubes up to 20% compared to the classical method of ultrasonic or laser welding.

ECO Series is an affordable model in the line of solar collectors SOLR. The main difference – this is the  high quality of materials, durability, high efficiency and affordable cost.
Series Pro – is the best solution when it comes to strict design, high quality and efficiency in a balanced price. This series is perfect for use all year without a need for additional maintenance.
Series Direct Flow - unique technology Stainless Power of SOLR, which allows the use of solar collectors in the direct heating circuits of  pools. The unique technology of coating of  the inner walls of the heat exchanger with stainless steel layer provides excellent corrosion protection and allows to use these collectors in the pool heating systems without a need for expensive heat exchangers. There is also a possibility of applying an antibacterial coating for corrosion-resistant layer in the collector’s heatexchanger.>> continue reading

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It is a totally new concept of solar collector entirely made in Italy, innovative, modern and functional. It can also be applied on the roofs to replace the tiles.

It is a modular system consisting of individual elements lighter than tiles, easily transportable, carried by hand. They require no equipment or particular devices to be installed. The length of the module can be selected from different sizes (1500, 2000 and 3000 mm): this allows you to customize the solar system on the basis of the measures of the roof. It is thus possible to achieve continuous surfaces also of large dimensions.

Our main concern was that the collector Termocoppo® could be integrated architecturally with any type of building, with a non-invasive result from the aesthetic point of view. The collector is applied directly on the roof even instead of the roof tiles, assuming the appearance of a skylight and guaranteeing absolute waterproof. Thanks to the modular configuration, it allows different applications also adapting to specific architectural requirements. In addition to the installation integrated in the roof, it fits to vertical surfaces, curves or terraces.>> continue reading

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It is a complete system of the solar collectors, which comprises both collectors and their support structure. The solar collector has been specifically designed for an easy installation on a flat roof, with minimal aesthetic impact, suitable for all situations, even where the landscape aspects are relevant. The system, in fact, placed on a flat roof or terrace, has an overall height of less than 30 cm, making it virtually invisible.

The system is completely modular. It is in fact possible to use elements of the manifold of different length. Also the uprights may be combined with each other so as to achieve a wide range of construction schemes suitably combining different elements both longitudinally and laterally.

You can also create even vertical installations, leaning against walls or fences. >> continue reading

Savings and easy installation

The use of innovative  and light materials like aluminum, the modular solution allowing maximum design freedom and optimizing capture surface only as and where needed. Modularity. Architectural integration. Maximum strength with minimum environmental impact. Almost a slogan: solar energy for every roof size.

  • Smaller dimensions in comparison to other existing products 50%
  • Less weight in comparison to other existing products 20%
  • Savings in installation costs 30%
  • Hot water produced by the Sun from April to October 90%

Last installations of Krasno solar panels


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Our products Installations

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fuctioning systems

kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted per person per year

cubic meters of gas per person saved every year

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Solar energy

With the help of solar collectors we use an endless source of energy, the Sun, which is there, ready on our roofs and paradoxically it can be wasted if we do not use it. Unfortunately the massive use of fossil fuels causes a continuous increase of CO2 in the Atmosphere producing global warming. Solar thermal collectors can give a strong contribution to reduce the environmental pollution and the concentration of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, but they can also help us in saving with our home energy bills.

Hot water

Solar energy is largely used to produce hot domestic water (HDW) in houses, hotels, restaurants, communities, sport facilities, gyms, public buildings, swimming pools, camping sites, showers on the beaches. This can give a great economic advantage using what Nature makes available to everybody in a free and costless way.

Moreover, the use of solar energy for heating in Winter is very important. In this case, to have good results solar systems must be combined to low temperature heating installations dedicated to the production of both HDW and domestic heating. This kind of systems can work well also if integrated with biomass heating (thermo-fireplaces or wood burners). Solar thermal systems can be also perfectly combined with geothermal installations with heat pumps.

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